I understand the issues for Nebraskans.  The challenges we face like 2nd Amendment Rights, Immigration, Social Justice, Organized Labor, Wages, Nebraska Roads & Bridges, the Rural Economy and Women's Rights are all real and need to be addressed.

My focus on the many challenges for us in the Cornhusker State make me the candidate for the people and of the people.  

This election is not about moving further right or further left, it is about moving this state and our country forward.  The Good Life is what many of us miss.

Hi, I'm Chris Janicek and I'm asking for your vote representing Nebraska in the United States Senate.   I'm originally from a farm family in David City and now make my life in Omaha as a small business owner. Our agribusiness industry has been shattered by this administration.  Coming from a farm family, I understand.   Here's where I stand on the issues: 

 I advocate treating education as an investment not an expense.  Every Nebraskan from teachers to students deserves the opportunity to succeed.

I am for a single payer plan that is affordable and accessible for all Nebraskans.

 I believe climate change is real.  I have spoken to the devastated farmers, ranchers and land owners and they feel the same.  Our Climate Change Committee operates in the best interests of all Nebraskans.  (click here for the Climate Change Committee details) 

I am committed to affordable drug prices where Nebraskans don't have to choose between food and medicine.

Paid for by the Chris Janicek for U.S. Senate committee.

 I vow to protect our Nebraska farmers & ranchers with a place on 
the AG committee and help negotiate the best prices in a free and open market.