Let me reference "Health Poverty Action" for a moment.  They say Social Justice is typically associated with ideas of equality, freedom and common good.  Many believe it has lost its meaning and has become more of a buzz word for activists and campaigners. Gender inequality, government censorship, racism, homophobia, religious freedom and the like have headlined this idea for sometime.  But is it limited to that?  They go on to suggest access to quality health care should never depend on where you live, how much money you have, your race, gender or age.   Unfortunately, social justice ALSO relies on our communities to draw a clear line between things like peaceful law enforcement and racial profiling, the common good and discrimination,  freedom of choice and hateful behavior.  While there are very definitive parameters for social justice where one would think it easy to maintain, sadly that is not the case.  Answers can be easy to come by, or very difficult to find.  I promise this:  On my watch as United States Senator, I will NEVER allow social injustice to exist without fighting with every bone in my body for liberty and justice for all.‚Äč