The only reason all Nebraskans don't have healthcare is due to the billion dollar profit machine of the health insurance and pharmaceutical industries and the impact they have on our hospitals, doctors and caregivers.

Unfortunately, many of your current Nebraska representatives get support from lobbies that represent the healthcare machine that has spun out of control.

In 2017, they tried to take healthcare away from Nebraskans.  Remember "repeal and replace"?  It became repeal but no replace.  I say... 


So many people across our state are unemployed or underemployed. The last election promised jobs and and an economy that could support living wages.  It hasn't happened.  Most people are NOT better off than they were 2, 4 or 6 years ago.  People are working two or three jobs just to make ends meet and that's just unacceptable.   What can we do?  1) Invest in education.  Teach people a skill and they will contribute to society.  2) Open new markets for technology positions.  Support local leaders in getting that done.  Don't let the ConAgra's and the Cabella's of our state leave.  3) Overhaul the tax code.  The burden of our tax revenue can not be on the shoulders of our everyday citizens and let loop holes provide the wealthy with a way to not do their share.  Our current representatives have allowed this has happened.   I say... 

...It's time to VOTE THEM OUT!!!

...It's time to VOTE THEM OUT!!!


It's time to wake up Nebraska.   Our current elected representatives have watched the crisis in our state pick up speed and devastate our family farmers and ranchers.  A Trade war with China or anyone else who purchases our agribusiness products works directly against the people of Nebraska.  The trade attitude of the United States must change to an economically sensible strategy that allows our farmers and ranchers to make a living and not be used as a weapon with other countries.  ​  I say... 

...It's time to VOTE THEM OUT!!!

Click here to see my graphic describing the current state of our healthcare system and a simple path to success.