​It's time to wake up Nebraska.   Our current elected representatives have watched the crisis in our state pick up speed and devastate our family Farmers & Ranchers.  A Trade War with China or anyone else who purchases our agribusiness products works directly against, not just our Farmers & Ranchers, but the people of Nebraska as 1 our of every 4 dollars of revenue in our state comes from agriculture. 

The cost to Nebraska's Farmers & Ranchers already has reached nearly one billion dollars.  Solar energy needs to be brought into the forefront of our Nebraska economy.  Our recent Listening Tour told us many things including our Farmers and Ranchers opposition to wind energy.  This is not a "Trump-ism", it's our own western Nebraska citizens.  Ask them.  We did. 

Let's build our trade economy based on the will of the people, not whims of this administration.  Western Nebraska says they never see Ben Sasse.  All of Nebraska will see me, Chris Janicek, because we ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER and we are running to represent the best interests of trade for all Nebraskans, not the few. 

The trade attitude of the United States must change to an economically sensible strategy that allows our Farmers & Ranchers to make a living and not be used as a weapon with other countries.  ​ Scrutinize the tariffs.  Ask our Farmers & Ranchers which tarriff's make sense and which do not.  Our current elected officials have NOT and I say...